Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Blair Worden discusses the Civil War on BBC Radio 3

As a addendum to yesterday's post, here is a link to a historical discussion from BBC's Night Waves programme. The historians Justin Champion and Blair Worden, whose new book I previewed yesterday, discuss with the host Rana Mitter the long-term significance and legacy of the English Civil War.

The discussion is introduced with this blurb:

The figures of Cromwell, the executed King Charles I, roundheads and cavaliers, have come to represent the English Civil War in the public imagination.

But what was it really fought for, and what, in the long term, did it achieve?

Click here to launch the programme in BBC's iPlayer

Skip to around 11 minutes 40 seconds to reach the discussion and miss the first item in the programme.


cardinal_wolsey said...

Thanks for the link to this.

cardinal_wolsey said...

Aargh! too late!

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