Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Moore V Marr

Charles Moore has endured heroically all of Andrew Marr’s BBC TV series The Making of Modern Britain and passes judgment on it in the Telegraph today. Moore is a practiced contrarian who has it in for the BBC, but he does make valid points. Marr’s series is predictable in its establishment views, lacks the mischievousness of the best television histories (think of AJP Taylor) and the visual gimmicks are embarrassing (dodgy Home Guard uniforms, silly bathing suits etc). An opportunity missed.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed the series, but I agree with you completely when you say "an opportunity missed"

It's a shame even today history on television still sticks steadfast to old rules and tired cliches.

But where's the alternative?

Hugh Costello said...

More importantly, when will Charles Moore be brought to justice for refusing to pay his TV licence fee. (He's giving the money to Help the Aged instead, as a protest against Jonathan Ross's continued employment at the BBC.) Judging by the spectacular amount of anti-BBC whingeing he does, he must consume far more hours of the Corporation's output than the average punter. Pay up Charles, or throw your telly out of the window and find a new scapegoat to blame for the state of modern Britain.

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