Monday, 21 June 2010

Historic Films and World Cup Preparation

Algeria, England’s opponents in their World Cup football match on Friday, prepared, so we learn, by watching Gilles Pontecorvo’s masterly film, The Battle of Algiers, a searing account of that country’s fierce war of liberation from France. It seemed to work, the Algerian team being technically superior to and far more motivated than their amply rewarded opponents. So what film should the England team watch as they prepare to save their tournament against mighty Slovenia? Well, I note that The Dambusters has just been released as a Special Edition DVD. Or how about Powell and Pressburger’s moving meditation on Englishness, A Matter of Life and Death?


SedentaryMonkey said...

They deserve punishment rather than inspiration so I'm going to go with Escape to Victory.

Andrew J said...

'Chariots of Fire' used to work for our College team twenty years ago - it has a portrayal of Prince Edward in it too (a bit like Will & Harry), a foreign coach, and because it's not about football, would inspire & settle nerves at the same time. It worked for us!

Andrew J said...

Of course, Henry V, if you see it as 'historical', either the Olivier version or the Brannagh one, or better still, the Harfleur & Agincourt speeches & battle excerpts from both. 'on, on, you noblest English..Cry God for Harry, England & St George' - it would make up for Cappello's lack of English, don't you think?!

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